En persona test på CareerHMO



Visionary 25 %
Warrior 20 %
Educator 15 %
Mentor 15 %
Superconnector 10 %
Optimizer 10 %
Researcher 5 %



Thinks big-picture and conceptualizes ideas to motivate others to action.

Are you:    Capable of shaping a vision for those that can’t see the possibilities.

Can you:   See the end before the beginning. Able to assess from a bird’s eye view.

Do you:     Have a long-term mindset and plot your course accordingly.




Goes the extra mile and volunteers for the tough work when things are challenging.

PersonaIcon-Warrior-01Are you:        Loyal and passionate about people and ideas you believe in.

Can you:       Stay strong and carry on with the mission when others give up.

Do you:         Enjoy starting new projects and welcome the work that goes with them


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