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5 Words That Customers Absolutely Hate by Geoffrey James

There are five words that every customer hates with a passion: "That is not my responsibility."

Regardless of whether you're in sales, support, engineering, marketing or management, if you say those words to a customer, that customer knows that your firm doesn't give a damn. And you've probably lost that customer, too. Here's why.

From inside your company, you know which person and group has responsibility for various aspects of your business. Therefore, if a coworker comes to you with a problem that's not in your bailiwick, you can send that coworker elsewhere.

6 Surprising Secrets of Truly Great Bosses, from Inc.

The very best managers do the exact opposite of what the average manager does.
By Geoffrey James | May 14, 2013
At best, following conventional wisdom results in mediocrity. Truly great bosses don't just march to the beat of a different drummer, they convince everyone else to march along with them. Here's how:

1. They put the customer second.

When managers preach and practice the longstanding axiom to put the customer first, they overlook their employees, who are the people actually responsible for creating and nurturing the customer experience.

Great article about creating growth in a company

Want Your Company to Grow? Fire Your Managers!

Too many employees work for their boss rather than their company or their clients. Businesses these days are filled with multiple layers of management, and employees often find themselves playing politics and focusing on tasks to make their boss happy.

Att skylla på "Vi har ett nytt datasystem"...

Står på Arlanda och skall flyga till Köpenhamn. SAS har stora problem med incheckningen då man på morgonen tagit ett nytt datasystem för just incheckning. Kort fungerar inte, SmartPass fungerar inte, man får ingen seat-lapp. Hur f-n kan en IT-avdelning släppa ut ett sådant system? Har man ingen respekt för kvalitet, för medarbetare och för kunderna?


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